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Written from a diary that the author wrote on a daily basis, the reader is exposed to what life is truly like when you are sent to war overseas far from home. Starting with a brief history about the author and the Regiment he served in, events quickly turn to the build up of getting ready to go to war. Once deployed, you are then taken through a day-by-day account that vividly brings to life the drama of exactly what went on. Nothing has been omitted, embellished or made up. Events that went on were recorded as and when they happened.  This was no Hollywood film or TV show. There was no reset button to press if it all went badly wrong.  People died, before, during and after the war.  Reading the book you will quickly understand why great effort was made to ensure most of it was hidden from the general public, and indeed the troops themselves. War is not just about fighting the enemy, that sometimes is the most straightforward and simplest part.

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